#3020 The Three Phases of Niners: The West's Connected Gold Rushes

05/30/2023 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM MT


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Tuesday, May 30, 11:00am - 1:00pm

#3020 The Three Phases of Niners: The West's Connected Gold Rushes (Teacher in person. Yea!)

Instructor: Katherine Sturdevant

Most folks think of each famous gold rush as a unique event, but all rushes follow common, predictable patterns and are all the more interesting for that! Bringing them back together reminds us how close they were, in time and space and behavior. Indeed, the patterns can make the events more colorful and memorable, teaching us about human habits and social history, larger national fads, and trends. Particular focus on several rushes together is a revealing and entertaining exercise in studying human nature, for good or ill, and even offers a trick for remembering dates.


Katherine Scott Sturdevant, MA, BA in History from San Francisco State University, PhD Candidate in Public History at UC Santa Barbara. She is Pikes Peak State College’s Senior History Professor and started teaching with what became PILLAR when PPSC first offered lifelong learning classes. She has won awards in teaching and diversity. Kathy serves as a speaker, writer, editor, and consultant for community history organizations, such as the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and Pikes Peak Library District. Her first two books teach about using historical methods in family history. As a social historian, Kathy emphasizes past people’s authentic experiences.

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