#3026 The Human Body in Flight

06/07/2023 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM MT


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Wednesday, June 7, 11:00am - 1:00pm

#3026 The Human Body in Flight

Instructor: Jim Furfari

Those of us who live in Colorado have first-hand experience with the trials of living at altitude. Add powered flight to the mix, and the body has a whole host of challenges for which it wasn’t designed. This session will cover:


  • Why Tom Cruise was a good (but not the best) person to pull a lot of G’s and what the movie Top Gun got wrong.
  • Why does the airline captain get the Buck Rogers’ oxygen mask and you get the yellow Dixie cup with a baggie, rubber band, and crazy straw attached?
  • Why you may get dizzy on an airplane, and the pilot (hopefully) doesn’t.
  • A Vietnam UFO story.
  • The man who flew forty minutes without the benefit of an airplane or balloon and the women who beat his record by nearly three hours.


Jim Furfari, BS in Electrical Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy.  His work experience includes being an U.S. Air Force pilot, an MCI project manager, and working for Colorado Springs Utilities.  He has been a tour guide at Glen Eyrie Castle since 1994.

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